Safe load-bearing in the work-place

Posted on 03 Jun 2018 and read 670 times
Safe load-bearing in the work-placeFrom light to heavy — and from easy to awkward — the latest range of lifting-point components from Birmingham-based Norelem Ltd ( is designed to provide safer load-bearing in the work-place.

In any industrial or office environment, safe comfortable lifting is a requirement for the health and safety of workers.

Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC specifies that components and structures that weigh more than 20kg are to be equipped with suitable lifting points to facilitate them being moved.

Included in the latest Norelem range are standardised screw-in or weld-on fastening elements. The company also offers lifting pins with self-locking functions for cases where lifting points would interfere with the object being moved, or if the object only needs to be moved temporarily.

Norelem’s range of lifting points can accommodate anything from 20kg to 12 tonnes.

For light to medium loads, high-strength rotatable lifting rings with a carrying capacity up to 3 tonnes are suggested.

Swivel ring bolts equipped with ball bearings are available for heavier loads and more-demanding transportation jobs.

The ring bolts are capable of rotating 360deg while loaded, are fully load-bearing from all sides and have four-fold security against breakage in all stress directions.

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