Magrak launched with help of RP Technologies

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Magrak launched with help of RP TechnologiesKingswinford-based RP Technologies, which supplies prototype tooling and low-volume injection mouldings, recently helped Jason Bishop to launch his new product, Magrak.

A builder by trade, Mr Bishop noticed a gap in the market for fixing storage bins to the inside of vans, because the most popular option — ply lining with built-in racking and storage — can be very costly.

Moreover, the users of leased vehicles do not want to incur fines for damaging the vehicles by fixing storage systems.

Magrak is a cost-effective damage-free solution that uses rubber-coated neodymium magnetic strips to attach storage bins to the inside of vans or the side of machinery.

It means that each storage bin can be installed in less than one minute, can be easily moved, and leaves
no damage.

Mr Bishop found RP Technologies via the company’s Web site ( uk) and had a conversation with general manager Paul Roe, who explained how aluminium tooling would be perfect for his project.

Prototype tooling has short lead times compared to steel tooling, and soft tooling offers substantial cost savings compared to steel production tooling.

Mr Bishop said: “RP’s knowledge of tooling was ‘second to none’, and its no-nonsense approach was refreshing.

“The company put me at ease, explaining each stage of manufacturing and sending photos of the tooling once manufacture had begun.

“It was reassuring being able to visit RP’s facilities both before placing my order and during the manufacturing process.”

Magrak was one of the first customers to benefit from RP’s latest investment.

Mould simulation analysis software was used to validate the design of the component, before RP started to design and manufacture the tooling.

The software allowed RP to visualise the flow and thermal properties and to optimise processes before physical parts were produced.

This helped to improve the quality of the finished product; it also helped to reduce the development costs and the manufacturing time, by eliminating any potential issues before manufacturing started.

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