Wire bender features twin heads

Posted on 16 Jul 2018 and read 682 times
Wire bender features twin headsAmpthill-based BLM Group UK Ltd (www.blmgroup.com) is consolidating its presence in the wire-bending market with a new twin-head system.

The DH4010VGP — an all-electric machine with two independent heads — can bend wires up to 10mm in diameter, along with bars, flat rods and tubes.

The twin-head design makes the system suitable for medium to long parts with many bends, particularly when ‘high planarity’ is required.

Moreover, BLM says that the two bending heads can work independently to make asymmetric parts. Each head is provided with a twin bending turret that increases system flexibility with regard to the achievable bend types.

The DH4010VGP can perform flexion bending (bending using a standard bushing) on each of the two turrets, pressure die bending for minimum radii, edge bending, variable-radius bending and strike bending on the same part.

Furthermore, the bending heads can move very near each other to make ‘exceptionally close’ bends.

High levels of productivity are said to be available “via optimised dynamics and process cycles”.

For instance, the wire-cutting and end-forming unit is fitted on a carriage with linear movement that is independent of the heads; this design is said to contribute to an increase in productivity of about 30% when compared with previous-generation systems.

The DH4010VGP, which makes use of existing VGP3D programming and control software, has a 3-D graphic interface and
easily programmed collision simulation.

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