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Posted on 05 Aug 2018 and read 973 times
Software to improve business efficiencyAround a dozen key areas in the 2018 R2 release of Javelin ERP/MRP software from Cheltenham-based Vero Software ( contain items of newly developed and enhanced functions.

For instance, in addition to existing warnings and error messages about non-compliance within operations, the latest release includes a ‘part status’, which allows users to create their own warnings.

Examples would be where a part is pending or a review is coming up. The operator can add a pre-warning, which flashes up on screens — such as sales orders, purchase orders and works orders.

In another update, a ‘price book’ button has been added to the part enquiry, so that the price can be amended quickly and easily. In addition, changes have been made to the bulk contract functions, enabling active data to be updated while the system is live.

A general enhancement throughout Javelin 2018 R2 puts icons on many key screens, defined by item type, product group, responsibility code or part status.

This means that aspects such as individual lines and orders can stand out, while the icon also shows the status of orders as open, closed or late.

The enhancements to Customer Relationship Management include an automatically generated 15-character reference on the front page, and booking dates as an optional field that defaults to the due date but can also change to range or location.

Vero also says that works-order and purchase-order reporting on MRP has been made easier, along with the ability for MAP data to be expanded.

In a further enhancement, sales-order copy now allows a new due date or promise date to apply to all lines at once. The addition of an optional reference date on each sales-order line gives users the ability to add specific items,
especially for reporting purposes.

With regard to work-in-progress, the split works-order function has been streamlined. Moreover, works-order deletion includes several new range options, along with options to delete un-started or complete orders.

Finally, non-productive booking — such as lunch breaks — is now defined within shift patterns, so supervisors can see them across the shift, instead of needing to access each operative’s record.

These breaks can automatically take the break duration from the work orders onto which the employee has been booked.

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