Automatic panel bending with offline programming

Posted on 02 Nov 2018 and read 588 times
Automatic panel bending with offline programmingLuton-based Trumpf Ltd ( has expanded its range of panel-bending machines with the introduction of the automatic TruBend Center 7030, which turns parts automatically, freeing up the operator and increasing productivity.

The machine also offers the usual benefits of Trumpf panel benders, including the ability to form short side lengths and small profiles, as well as parts with formed sections, recesses, various radii and multiple negative bends.

The new rotary part manipulator on the TruBend Center 7030 secures the sheet and rotates it as needed into the required position; and with axis speeds of 3,000mm/sec, it is significantly more productive than the semi-automatic TruBend Center 5030 panel bender.

The machine also features a patented two-axis part manipulator that enhances production flexibility, since the gripper modules can fasten onto parts in a variety of positions, making it possible — for example — to secure narrow profiles on their edge or grip them with clamps and bend them.

Trumpf says that without this feature, many parts would be impossible to manufacture, adding that the vertical axis also ensures that the operator can easily remove parts with downward-facing edges.

The TruBend Center 7030, which accommodates aluminium sheet up to 4mm thick, mild steel up to 3mm thick and stainless steel up to 2.2mm thick, can form boxes up to 220mm deep and form a variety of radii with a single tool — increasing productivity, while allowing greater design flexibility.

Moreover, the accuracy of the machine is such that it can process parts with a minimum of tool marks — a particular advantage when forming stainless steel and painted sheet metal.

The TruBend Center 7030 also features Trumpf’s Automatically Controlled Bending (ACB) solution, which ensures high-quality parts from the outset.

The two ACB laser modules (for negative and positive bends) automatically move into position for the measurement process.

The laser projects a line onto the sheet, and a camera detects the position of the line; the part angle is then calculated in real time.

Also featured is Trumpf’s TecZone Fold programming software; this not only automatically creates bending programs in a few seconds but also undertakes 3-D simulations — complete with collision monitoring.

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