Lightweight hyper-high-feed face mill range

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Lightweight hyper-high-feed face mill rangeHemel Hempstead-based NTK Cutting Tools has taken the machining of aluminium alloys to “a new level” with the introduction of its new range of Hyper Feed Cutter (HFC) face-milling tools, which accommodate feed rates up to 0.2mm per tooth and depths of cut up to 6.35mm (

Moreover, NTK’s HFC cutters are the Japanese manufacturer’s lightest milling series to date, thanks to the use of a lightweight aluminium tool body and an innovative design that reduces both the stress on the machine tool spindle and the forces generated by the cutting process.

These cutters are available with diameters of 50, 63, 80, 100 and 125mm (with 7, 10, 12, 16 and 22 inserts respectively).

The high density of inserts allows HFC cutters to operate at feeds and speeds up to 50% greater than some competitor products, while the lightweight design means that the 50mm-diameter tool weighs just 0.23kg, while the 125mm-diameter one weighs 1.1kg.

This allows the 50mm tool to run at machining speeds up to 20,000rev/min and the 125mm tool to run at speeds up to 15,000rev/min.

To ensure a high level of insert security and high clamping forces, NTK has developed a wedge-type clamping system that “robustly” locks the inserts in position to eliminate vibration and enhance both surface finish and tool life when undertaking high-feed machining.

The PD1 insert that is available with the new HFC cutters is a PCD grade that can be re-ground up to four times; it is available with three different geometries and corner radii.

Two of the PD1 geometries are wiper inserts with a 6deg rake angle, a 7.5mm cutting edge length and a corner radius for improved burr control and surface finishes.

The third insert has a 10deg rake angle and a double-chamfer geometry to reduce the cutting forces.

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