Temporary auto workshops — a valuable asset

Posted on 29 Nov 2018 and read 675 times
Temporary auto workshops — a valuable assetWhen an automotive workshop has more work to complete than it has space — it has hit a roadblock.

Cars cannot be stacked by adding a second level in the workshop because it's impractical to do so. What other options are there?Temporary auto workshops could be the ideal solution to the problem.

Space Is at a Premium

As an auto repairer starting out, the main concern would be where customers would come from. Not having enough bays and mechanics available to work on the number of vehicles coming into the workshop would not have been even considered. However, when faced with this difficulty, something has to change - and fast.

The two choices are usually relocating the entire business to another location or opening an annexe as a secondary workshop.

1. Moving a functional workshop, equipment and all, to a new location is no small matter. There’s moving all the vehicles parked in the parking spaces waiting to be worked on along with the shutdown of repair work until the vehicles can be relocated completely. Unless you are doubling up on equipment, everything has to stop to pull out workshop gear like pumps and vehicle alignment equipment, move it, refit it, and then check that it’s working correctly.

2. The second choice of opening an annexe as an overflow location isn’t great either. It splits the workforce up and loses you time when moving vehicles from one workshop to the other.

What is a Temporary Auto Workshop?

A temporary auto workshop is a building that can be erected on a very short timescale. If we take the workshops from www.smart-space.co.uk as an example, their buildings can be up and running within 7-28 days of you ordering so you won’t need to worry about losing too much business if you can’t run things without it.

These buildings come with an insulated roof to help keep the heat inside, along with cladding for the walls. As a secondary workshop positioned usually on the same plot of land as the existing business or a nearby vacant piece of land, the temporary building can provide a fast solution to the problem of lack of space in the workshop.

For workshops that have an almost immediate need for a solution to their space issue, a temporary building is a good solution. The building itself isn’t usually intended to be a permanent one.

It can be perfectly satisfactory for a year or longer while you are finding a new permanent home for the workshop with more parking spots and mechanical bays to fix more vehicles at the same time.

It’s also likely that the money from working on more vehicles will more than cover the cost of putting in the building structure too.

How Does a Temporary Auto Workshop Help?
Temporary auto workshops are an ideal solution for a workshop that’s rapidly running out of bays for its mechanics to work. When the workshop cannot keep up with demand, the owners know they need a quick solution to avoid turning away repair work.

Finding a suitable building to use as an annexe can take months to locate and one close enough to be practical might not even be available. Relocating takes even longer to find a suitable location and figure out the logistics. This can leave workshops stuck as to what to do next.

It’s going to be far less time consuming and costly to have a building put up quickly than to find another place to do business. Standard and bespoke workshop solutions can be created to produce a building that is erected quickly, provides enough security for valuable workshop tools, and solves the problem of mechanics not having enough room to do their jobs.

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