End mill and slot drill range extended

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End mill and slot drill range extendedThe GSX Mill series of solid-carbide end mills and slot drills has been added to the range of tooling available from Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Ltd (www.sumitomotool.com).

These cutters, which feature a fine carbide substrate for increased toughness, have a high transverse rupture strength, plus high levels of shock-resistance, consistency and reliability — especially in wet cutting conditions.

The GSX Mill series, which covers tool diameters from 1 to 25mm, has a special flute design and a large rake angle; the tools are available with two, three and four flutes — and four different flute lengths.

This combination of flute design and rake angle ensures effective chip evacuation from the cutting zone, while the way the cutting edges are configured improves sharpness and extends the type of work that can be machined (each cutting tooth has a ‘gashed land’ that strengthens the flute and increases its resistance to fracturing).

Furthermore, the inclusion of Sumitomo’s latest Super ZX coating enhances resistance to both wear and heat, contributing to further improvements to in-cut life.

End mill and slot drill applications include surface milling, drilling and grooving, using two types of cutting-edge profile.

The sharper-edged S-Type is designed for removing inside corners when finish cutting, while the strengthened-edge C-Type has a gashed land that creates higher resistance to fracture for both roughing and finishing cycles.

A wide range of materials is covered by both types, including carbon and alloy steels, hardened steel up to 55HRC, stainless steels, titanium, heat-resisting alloys and cast iron.

The GSX-SLT slot-type cutter is a multi-purpose tool developed for plunge drilling and slot milling, with a large rake angle for speedy chip removal. The cutters are available in two-, three- and four-flute versions with flute lengths up to 4xD.

There is also a special three-flute version for compound-type milling applications. Also within the GSX Mill series is the GSXVL, which is an anti-vibration square-type cutter for shoulder milling; it features an optimised irregular pitch and lead angle that improves resistance to chatter on higher speed and feed cycles.

Rounded land versions are available for enhanced surface quality.

There is also a GSXB Mill ball-type cutter with two flutes and a 30deg helix angle for minimum cutting forces; it can be used for milling hardened steel up to 60HRC, titanium alloys and cast iron, as well as softer steels.

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