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New additions bring greater robot dexterity

Posted on 19 Apr 2019 and read 1208 times
New additions bring greater robot dexterityNew from Hertfordshire-based RARUK Automation (www.rarukautomation.com) are two ‘Robotiq’ innovations designed to simplify automated and ‘lights out’ production.

The first, Force Copilot, is an intuitive software development for applications that need ‘force feedback’; the other is the Hand-E gripper, specifically developed for collaborative robots.

The sensing functions of the new Robotiq Force Copilot increase flexibility and reliability in machine tending, assembly, finishing and pick-and-place applications.

A suite of set-up tools allows the user to hand-guide the robot on complex trajectories.

The software makes it easy to place objects precisely in jigs, trays and chucks; it also facilitates assembly applications through alignment, indexing and insertion functions.

Furthermore, the intuitive interface provides adjustable adaptive compliance and constant force for all robot axes.

Force Copilot is now a standard feature of the Robotiq FT 300 Force Torque Sensor that can be seamlessly integrated into the second of the new additions to the RARUK Automation range.

This is the new Robotiq Hand-E gripper, with a compact and ergonomic shape makes collaborative robot hand-guiding safe and easy.

This latest product in RARUK Automation’s line-up of adaptive grippers is the first UR+ electric gripper to take full advantage of the benefits of the new Universal Robot e-Series.

Its high accuracy and 50mm parallel stroke make it suitable for precision assembly tasks, while its sealed design ensures reliability in the toughest manufacturing conditions.

Hand-E gripper comes with a three-fingertip kit, so automation engineers can easily integrate the gripper in their application.

It operates with the same intuitive programming software as the other models in the Robotiq gripper range, which enables full control over its position, force and speed.