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Holroyd grinder heads for China

Posted on 04 May 2019 and read 1006 times
Holroyd grinder heads for ChinaOne of the world’s leading manufacturers of air-conditioning systems has ordered an advanced thread-grinding machine from Yorkshire-based Holroyd Precision (www.holroyd.com).

The TG 350E-XL (extra-large traverse) will be shipped to China later this year, where it will be used to produce air ends, helical rotors and screw compressors for use in industrial cooling systems.

This will be the second Holroyd TG 350E rotor grinder to be purchased by this customer in recent years — a testament to the uncompromising levels of accuracy and reliability provided by machines from Holroyd Precision.

The TG 350E-XL’s extra-large traverse capability means that rotors longer than can be accommodated on a ‘standard’ TG 350E can now be manufactured on a machine with exactly the same footprint.

In short, the TG 350E-XL offers greater manufacturing flexibility, making it particularly suited to environments where there is a requirement to vary production to include longer rotors, or where floor space is at a premium.

The Holroyd range includes advanced machine tools for the production of complex helical components such as compressor rotors, pump screws and high-accuracy gears, plus machines for the friction stir welding of advanced alloys used in transport applications.

With production facilities in the UK, USA and China, Holroyd makes special-purpose ultra-precision helical components for a wide range of industry sectors.