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ES Precision shortlisted for innovation award

Posted on 10 May 2019 and read 1121 times
ES Precision shortlisted for innovation awardOxfordshire-based ES Precision Ltd (www.esprecision.co.uk) has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Subcon Launchpad Awards 2019.

The company provides a laser processing service for UK businesses such as medical-device manufacturers, motor-sport companies and the general engineering sector, and much of its work involves marking and engraving.

It also cuts and drills metals, ceramics and organics, but only thin materials — generally less than 1mm.

The shortlisting is based on an innovative drilling solution that ES has developed for Basingstoke-based Blatchford, which designs rehabilitation products — many of them used by veterans of the armed forces.

Its award-winning lower-limb prosthetics depend on a comfortable and secure connection between limb and socket. Modern liners provide excellent cushioning, but there can be a build-up of heat and moisture, so they begin to slip
and chafe.

Blatchford’s patented Silcare Breathe technology works by letting air and perspiration trapped between the liner and skin escape through specially designed laser-drilled perforations.

"This results in drier skin and a healthier environment for the residual limb. ES Precision uses its laser technology to produce these perforations, which are carefully controlled in terms of position and size.

The Launchpad Awards are intended to promote the best of UK start-up companies, and the Subcon show in June will provide a small booth for each of the finalists.

ES Precision will use the opportunity to market its laser solutions to all of the UK manufacturing companies.