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Range of ‘micro turning centres’ extended

Posted on 05 Jun 2019 and read 1266 times
Range of ‘micro turning centres’ extendedThe SwissNano range of ‘micro turning centres’ from Tornos, which has a UK subsidiary in Coalville (www.tornos.com), has been extended by the launch of the new SwissNano 7.

A 7mm bar-capacity version of the already proven 4mm machine, it retains the kinematic capabilities and high level of thermal stability offered by the smaller machine, but the spindle power has more than doubled (to 2.5kW) to enable the machine to process hard materials.

Moreover, the machining area has been re-designed and the range of tooling expanded and optimised to accommodate a variety of operations; and with its small footprint, the SwissNano 7 occupies the same space as a cam-type machine.

The six-axis ‘kinematics’ offer ‘NC adjustment’ of all tool positions in the X, Y and Z directions, while the back spindle can move in the three linear axes for optimum versatility.

The main platen includes three positions for rotating tools; it also accommodates transverse drills, a polygon tool or a gear-hobbing tool — opening up the possibility of machining operations that were not previously possible on this machine range.

Tornos says that with the addition of a thread-whirling unit, this machine can be used for a variety of medical-sector applications, including the production of maxillofacial screws and screws for dental implants or straight implants.

It can also be equipped with high-frequency spindles for back machining operations, as required for the milling of ‘hexalobular ’shapes such as the proprietary Torx drive.

The SwissNano 7 can also be equipped with a slotting unit for back machining, allowing split connectors for the electronics industry to be machined from both sides — and a polygon cutter can be installed for both main and back machining operations.

Furthermore, gear cutting can be performed during main spindle working and back machining operations, while a tool-holder under the counter-spindle can be used for front drilling operations or even supporting the workpiece during the machining process.