Latest fibre lasers offer advanced technology

Posted on 17 Jun 2019 and read 782 times
Latest fibre lasers offer advanced technologyThe new ENSIS-AJ 6 and 9kW fibre laser machines from Kidderminster-based Amada ( are aimed at manufacturers needing fast piercing and cutting across a wide range of materials, along with ease of use and a number of modular automation options.

The ENSIS-AJ machines feature Amada’s Variable Beam Control technology, which automatically adapts the laser beam to give stable cutting across all material types and thicknesses; it can also change instantly between a high power-density beam for piercing and a high-speed high-quality beam for cutting, thus reducing cycle times.

With regard to set-up times, only a single lens is required to process a range of material thicknesses, thereby helping to maximise machine up-time and eliminate operator errors.

Meanwhile, Amada’s Auto Collimation technology gives a high level of control over the beam diameter and focus-point for high levels of cutting speed and surface quality, while reducing the need for secondary finishing operations. Auto collimation also produces a wider cut kerf on thicker materials, making for easier part removal.

The new ENSIS-AJ 6 and 9kW machines, which can process mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium up to 25mm thick, offer a number of functions designed to increase productivity and reduce cost per part.

For example, ECO Cut gives users low gas consumption during the oxygen cutting of mild steel, while CFC (clean fast cut) offers high speeds in combination with low gas usage when cutting with nitrogen.

Amada’s WACSII (water-assisted cutting system) is also included, enabling users to reliably cut thick mild steel with smaller part spacing on poorer-quality materials.

Other features include a 16-station automatic nozzle changer with auto cleaning and calibration unit, while automation options include tower systems for the automatic loading and stacking of laser-cut parts without interrupting the machine.

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