Ordering customised tooling is now fast and easy

Posted on 10 Jul 2019 and read 637 times
Ordering customised tooling is now fast and easyCustomers of Sandvik Coromant can now customise cutting tools on-line without having to speak with a company sales representative. As a result, the time required to order customised tooling solutions is cut substantially, which in turn reduces overall tool delivery time.

Sandvik says many manufacturers can benefit from using cutting tools that are not available “off the shelf”, adding that the most common example is when a non-standard hole diameter is specified.

“Producing such a feature typically entails an initial drilling operation followed by boring to the required size.

“However, by applying a small modification to an existing off-the-shelf drill, the manufacturer could create the hole according to specification using just one drill.”

Previously, the process of quoting and ordering customised solutions was only available by downloading, completing and sending a physical form, or with the assistance of a Sandvik Coromant sales representative.

Now, any registered Sandvik Coromant Web user can log in and use the new feature. After being guided through a few steps to customise a standard cutting tool (to meet specific requirements), the user simply places the order.

Brian Davis, manager of Global Sales Processes, said: “The world of manufacturing is changing, with increasing need for greater flexibility in tooling.

“This trend also impacts on cutting-tool suppliers, but offering customised cutting tools requires the development of advanced processes.

“Making this customisation option available to all our customers is a bold move, but one we know offers multiple benefits.”

As well as drills, the new online service applies to parting and grooving, milling and tooling systems products.

Further information can be found at the Web site (www.sandvik.coromant.com/en-gb/products/pages/customized-tools.aspx).

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