Mobile unit for coolant filtration

Posted on 30 Jul 2019 and read 698 times
Mobile unit for coolant filtrationMobile unit for coolant filtration Sheffield-based Eclipse Magnetics ( has added the FiltraMag+ Mobile to its range of magnetic filtration systems.

This off-line filtration system for cleaning oils and coolants features the high-performance FiltraMag+ magnetic filter in a convenient ‘plug and play’ unit that not only offers sub-micron filtration but also has the advantage of being moved easily from machine to machine.

Supplied with an integral pump, a spare magnetic core and connection hoses, the FiltraMag+ Mobile provides 24/7 operation on a variety of machining applications.

It also features an integral cleaning station with built-in waste containers, making it easy to collect ferrous contamination for recycling.

Eclipse Magnetics sales and marketing director, Steve McAllorum, said: “We have designed and developed the FiltraMag+ Mobile to provide a cost-effective high-performance off-line filtration system.

“One unit can serve multiple machines, significantly improving fluid quality with minimal capital investment.”

The Filtramag+ Mobile filtration unit has been designed for a variety of applications, including ferrous machining processes, tank draining and cleaning, overnight fluid cleaning, additional filtration and incoming fluid inspection.

The version with a high magnetic strength of 11,000 gauss can be used for carbide or cast-iron applications.

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