MoD to fund hypersonic propulsion programme

Posted on 06 Aug 2019 and read 597 times
MoD to fund hypersonic propulsion programme The Ministry of Defence is to place a £10 million contract to develop hypersonic propulsion systems for increased aircraft performance and capability.

This will support a UK programme that will undertake design studies, research, development, analysis and experimentation relating to high-Mach advanced propulsion systems.

The contract will be with Rolls-Royce and its technology partners (BAE Systems and Reaction Engines) and will focus on ‘enabling technologies for increased aircraft performance and capability’.

Speaking at the 2019 Air and Space Power Conference, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier, said: “As part of the technologies being developed in parallel with Project Tempest, I am delighted to reveal that — in concert with Rolls-Royce, Reaction Engines and BAE Systems — we are developing hypersonic propulsion systems that will be designed and tested over the next two years, paving the way for the UK to become a centre of excellence in this technology and contribute to meeting future UK defence needs.

“High-Mach — or hypersonic — air systems are of growing world-wide interest for a variety of defence and security applications. Speeds over Mach 4 are desirable for a range of defence uses, and the ability to bridge the gap between required aircraft speed and propulsion system capability is a key enabler.

“This programme will address this capability gap by developing a variety of technological options and solutions.”

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