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Seven-figure process-automation expansion

Posted on 13 Aug 2019 and read 1135 times
Seven-figure process-automation expansionBirmingham-based Precision Micro, a photochemical etching company, plans to fully automate the front end of its manufacturing process with an automatic laminator, buffer system, exposure unit and sheet unloader — all due to be installed in 2019.

This new technology will take the company a step closer to operating a single in-line etching process that will lead to a significant increase in throughput.

Karl Hollis, the director of engineering (www.precisionmicro.com), said: “Precision Micro is constantly working to refine the chemical etching process and the levels of efficiency and service for its customers.

"Demand is extremely high at present, and we are investing significantly in process optimisation to be able to better cater for both new and existing customers.”

The chemical etching process produces precision components by selectively removing metal through a photo-resist mask.

When compared with conventional sheet metalworking, it has a number of inherent advantages, including its ability to produce parts without degrading material properties (no force or heat is used during processing) and almost limitless part complexity.