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SEAT takes deliveries by drone

Posted on 24 Aug 2019 and read 1321 times
SEAT takes deliveries by droneThe SEAT factory in Martorell is said to be the first Spanish plant to receive components via drone delivery. In collaboration with Grupo Sesé, the Spanish car maker is “pioneering” a drone service that connects Sesé’s logistics centre in Abrera with the SEAT factory in Martorell.

The first parts delivery service between two production plants in Spain by drone was officially made last month; it will continue on an experimental basis, with deliveries of steering wheels and airbags to the SEAT assembly lines.

The project, being carried out under the supervision of the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA), comprises several flights per day.

SEAT says that drones will cover the distance between the two facilities — just over 2km — in 15min; and that this project is part of the company’s commitment to Industry 4.0.

“SEAT is now undergoing an ambitious transformation process aimed at making the Martorell factory smarter — as well as further digitalised and connected — in order to boost efficiency, flexibility and sustainability.

“Moreover, delivery using drones represents a reduction in CO2 emissions compared to truck transport — and the drone batteries are recharged using renewable energy.”

SEAT plans its supply chain with simulation tools and uses smart picking and autonomous navigation systems.

Furthermore, the company has introduced big data tools and artificial intelligence to monitor and control the main facilities and infrastructure of the supply chain in real time.