Advanced Aluminium Design Ltd to WDS

Posted on 01 Sep 2019 and read 547 times
Advanced Aluminium Design Ltd to WDS It can be a long and difficult journey for an engineer trying to take an idea from initial concept, through prototyping and into production.

Ken Jones, managing director of Suffolk-based Advanced Aluminium Design Ltd, has been relying on the technical expertise of Leeds-based WDS Component Parts Ltd (, as he develops a new motorcycle trailer concept.

He said: “For many years, owners of racing bikes, off-road motorcycles and old classics have struggled to get their bikes into vans or have invested in trailers that are equally difficult to load and can be difficult to tow. Our new trailer is designed to eliminate all this hassle.”

Mr Jones’ concept is an all-aluminium trailer that is perfectly balanced. Applying the ‘see-saw’ principle and designing a folding tow bar lets the trailer pivot on its axle, thus allowing bikes to be loaded at ground level, using a rolling cradle held in position by a WDS Cam index bolt.

A winch at the front of the trailer is used to pull the bike into position in a safe and controlled way. However, because bikes vary in weight from 100 to 500kg, getting the trailer to tip forward in a controlled manner was proving difficult.

After he called WDS to order some parts and ask for advice, there were discussions about springs, levers and cranks, before the use of an adjustable gas strut was agreed.

A size and a mounting configuration that worked well across the range of bike weights were then identified.

WDS has also supplied Mr Jones with a large locking pin to hold the towing arm level and stable during transit, pull-ring plungers to secure the tailboard, and various other parts that contribute to the overall design of his trailer, which is being tested before being certified for use on public roads.

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