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Pushing the boundaries of human space travel

Posted on 02 Sep 2019 and read 1363 times
Pushing the boundaries of human space travelThales Alenia Space provided half of the International Space Station’s ‘pressurised volume’ — equivalent to 40% of the entire ISS.

The company also manufactures the pressurised cargo modules for Cygnus vessels, which deliver supplies to the ISS — including food, water and equipment for experiments in space, repairs and other purposes.

The company (www.thalesgroup.com) is now “poised to continue that tradition of helping to push the frontiers of human space travel”, having won a contract from the European Space Agency for studies of two key elements for man’s latest attempt to go back to the Moon.

The first is a Lunar Orbital Platform known as Gateway — a small spaceship that will orbit the Moon and provide a temporary ‘home and office’ for astronauts, about a five-day commute from the Earth (400,000km).

Walter Cugno, Thales Alenia Space vice-president (space and exploration) said: “The Gateway will be a true training laboratory for astronaut expeditions to the Moon and future human missions to Mars, including practice moving a spaceship into different orbits in deep space.”

The second study is for ESPRIT, a propellant storage and refuelling unit for Gateway’s propulsion system, as well as a communications and connecting module.