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Fanuc to display most automated stand to date

Posted on 06 Sep 2019 and read 791 times
Fanuc to display most automated stand to date Coventry-based Fanuc (www.fanuc.eu) will be heading to EMO 2019 with the remit of showcasing how easily automation can be integrated into all elements of production equipment, with a stand full of turn-key cells that can help end users fast-track their way to a ‘smart factory’.

The company will use the opportunity to debut a host of new technologies from across its portfolio of industrial robotics, production machinery and CNC product ranges, all of which will be automated and fully operational.

One of the highlights will be a full European debut for the company’s new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform — FIELD (Fanuc Intelligent Edge Link and Drive) — which connects a broad range of Fanuc and third-party production technology (including both new and legacy models) to provide fast centralised access to all production data in a factory, helping end users to take a decisive step towards ‘smart factory’ status.

Unlike other IIoT solutions, the FIELD system is ‘edge-heavy’ which allows data to be collected and processed at source on the shopfloor rather than in the cloud, to give the operators access to more accurate real-time data and analytics.

It is fully scalable across multiple cells within a factory, to allow manufacturers to make informed and intelligent decisions that can drive tangible improvements in productivity.

The system is compatible with a number of different applications, including those designed by third parties such as software houses, system integrators and even end users.

The FIELD system App Store will be launched in Q4 2019; two of the most important applications will be Production Monitoring and Analytics (PMA) and Zero Down Time (ZDT).

PMA software is used to monitor the production and performance of all machines connected to the FIELD system, including flagging any that are not operating at the intended capacity, as well as facilitating waveform failure analysis.

ZDT continuously monitors the health of machines and can identify trends — such as torque changes or disturbances — with a view to informing operators when preventative maintenance action needs to be taken.

Many machines, devices and robots on Fanuc’s EMO 2019 stand will be connected to the FIELD system, to allow visitors to experience it in action.

Fanuc will also present a host of new tools and functions from its CNC and drives portfolio. One of the star attractions will be the new ‘Edge Analyzing Unit’, which can be retrofitted to any machine powered by Fanuc CNC to provide a step-change in condition monitoring.

It synchronously records data from both the CNC and sensors that can be placed throughout the machine. The user can then analyse the collected data and take the appropriate action.

Another new software innovation on display at EMO will be the AI Servo Monitor function, which analyses and evaluates data from spindles and feed axes powered by servo drives.

It is able to intelligently calculate an ‘anomaly score’ from the data collected and alert the operator if the threshold value has been exceeded. Operators can then schedule maintenance action before any long-term damage can occur.

Also making its European debut will be Fanuc’s new ultra-precision turning centre, the Robonano α-NTiA.

Developed to meet the growing global optical and medical-device markets, but equally suitable for high-accuracy aerospace and automotive applications, this is able to machine parts to within 0.1nm.

With Fanuc linear-motor drives on the X and Z axes, the Robonano offers rapid feed rates up to 1,000mm/min.

An optional B axis provides the flexibility of an indexing table for more advanced applications, if required.

The α-NTiA is equipped with Fanuc’s latest CNC, complete with a large touch-screen control panel, as well as a hydraulic power unit and active floor vibration damper.

Water cooling and compressed-air temperature control systems are included as standard, to improve stability when machining.
Another ‘must see’ for visitors will be Fanuc’s new software package, intended to help streamline the integration of robotics into the production process: QSSR (Quick and Simple Start-up of Robotization).

This helps to simplify the connection of a robot to a machine tool, as well as the set-up and subsequent operation.
Fanuc will also debut a number of new industrial robots, including the M-10iD/12 and M-20iD/25 robots.

The M-10iD will be used in a demo cell for loading and unloading, while the M-20iD will support a deburring cell producing parts that will be used to make future Fanuc robots.

Both robots benefit from exceptionally high axis speeds, while a rigid construction allows for excellent positioning and highly accurate repeatability.

With a total of seven different applications running on the Fanuc stand, the CR series of collaborative robots will also be a major attraction for visitors.

The line-up will include every model in the series, from the smallest (CR-4iA) to the largest (CR-35iA).

A number of Fanuc’s highly popular Robodrill vertical machining centres will also be on display.

Highlights include a cell combining two Robodrills machining different components, with a single Fanuc robot using AI bin-picking technology to locate the appropriate raw parts for each production cycle.

Another Robodrill — complete with high-speed rotary table and turning capability — will simulate the machining of watch components, supported by a collaborative robot mounted on an automated guided vehicle.

Two models from Fanuc’s Robocut wire EDM range — suited to high-precision cutting tasks in the medical, tool-making and mould-making industries — will also be fully operational.

The smaller α-C400iB model will be supported by a collaborative robot (complete with iRVision to identify the components that need to be machined).

The larger α-C800iB is suitable for the cutting of larger workpieces, thanks to its 500mm Z-axis stroke and advanced AI Thermal Compensation function; it will be cutting components for the aerospace sector.

Completing the line-up of Fanuc machines at EMO 2019 will be a Roboshot α-S130iA fully electric injection moulding machine.

This will be producing components made from two different materials, using the Fanuc SI-20A second injection unit.

The mould insert for this component is machined on a Robonano α-NMiA, and the machine itself is automated with a Fanuc robot, once again underlining Fanuc’s expertise across a broad portfolio of production equipment.