Sodick brings ‘best-of-breed’ to EMO

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Sodick brings ‘best-of-breed’ to EMO With its largest-ever stand at EMO, Sodick Europe Ltd ( is once again bringing ‘best of breed’ technology to the exhibition, with European debuts for the ACL400P super-high-accuracy wire EDM, the ALC800G large-capacity premium wire machine, the new UH650L high-speed milling machine and the MS100 plastic injection moulding machine (Hall 13, Stand A92).

These newcomers are accompanied on the stand by two of Sodick’s most advanced EDM offerings, the AG80L die-sink machine and the ALC800G wire machine, while automation options are demonstrated by the AG60L die sinker with robot and the OPM250L additive-manufacturing machine.

When Sodick set itself the task of improving on the performance and accuracy of its ALC-G wire EDM series it took on a major challenge; these machines were already technical leaders, incorporating Sodick linear technology and digital Smart Pulse generators.

However, some sectors have requirements that are even more demanding, and Sodick was finding that an increasing number of customers were looking for super-high accuracy — for example, a pitch accuracy of +/-1µm — so every element of the ALC-P series has been developed to achieve these objectives.

The ALC series is Sodick’s premium wire-cut EDM line, offering advanced cutting speed, accuracy and surface finish; and the ALC800G is the largest standard machine in the range, with a 1,250 x 1,020mm work tank and a maximum workpiece weight of 3,000kg.

Incorporating the latest digital innovations in generator technologies and the use of advanced electrode materials, the range provides major advances in cutting speed, accuracy and surface finish — made possible through Sodick’s in-house development and manufacture of all the critical technologies, including linear motors, discharge power supply, NC unit, motion controller and ceramics.

The ‘superb’ performance of these machines is based on Sodick’s Smart Pulse & Smart Linear concept, in which the Smart Pulse Generator dramatically reduces the number of cuts necessary to achieve the required accuracy and surface finish compared with conventional machines.

This translates directly into increased productivity.

The development of the ALC series also demanded the creation of a new machine design, resulting in a more compact and fully enclosed machine tool with the most advanced human interface, including a 19in touch-screen control.

For customers looking to machine even larger workpieces, an additional factory-build option of an extended Z-axis stroke of 800mm is available — the ALC800GH.

With a reputation as the fastest high-precision die-sink EDM for workpieces up to 2,000kg, the AG80L EDM large-capacity die sink machine can tackle really large tasks rapidly and with ease.

The incorporation of Sodick’s in-house developed linear-motor drive system provides excellent long-term performance.

In fact, the company is so confident in the accuracy of its machines that it offers a 10-year positioning accuracy guarantee.

AG machines are also said to reduce average energy consumption by up to 60%, compared with conventional EDMs.

The AG80L offers improved ease of operation, with extended X and Y axes, as well as a smaller footprint, while its automatic three-sided rise-and-fall tank makes it easy to integrate automation by positioning a robot beside the machine.

The AG60L precision die-sink manufacturing cell with Erowa Robot Compact 80 — one of Sodick’s most popular die sink machines for the precision machining of large components — combines high speed with high cutting accuracy.

It features Sodick’s linear-drive technology and simplified control mechanisms to ensure the fastest-possible servo response and optimal spark gaps at all times.

three-sided automatic rise-and-fall tank makes this machine well suited to automation — hence its appearance at EMO with the user-friendly small-footprint Erowa Robot Compact 80, which can transfer loads of up to 80kg and can be used for both electrodes and workpieces.

Sodick’s high-accuracy injection moulding machine — the MS100 — will be given its European debut at EMO 2019.

This marks Sodick Europe’s move into the high-technology plastic injection moulding sector.

The MS range, from the compact MS50 to the larger MS200, benefits from Sodick’s V-LINE servo-motor technology, which provides process advances including stability of the resin-melt condition, stability of the resin density and stability of the filling volume, which together create excellent moulding conditions.

Peter Capp, CEO of Sodick Europe Ltd, sums up the company’s vision: “It is our mission to create and deliver machine tools that benefit our clients, helping them to achieve their ever-more challenging objectives.

“Here at EMO, Sodick Europe is demonstrating its technical leadership in a broader range of products than ever before, not only EDM but also CNC milling, injection moulding and additive manufacturing.

“All of this is now supported by staff at our new purpose-built headquarters in Coventry, where we continue to provide technical support plus spare parts to customers across the UK and distributors throughout Europe.”

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