Leader to get a grip on EMO

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Leader to get a grip on EMO Tamworth-based Leader Chuck International will demonstrate the latest work-holding and productivity-enhancing products from its extensive range (Hall 6, Stand A1) (www.leaderchuck.com).

These include Blue Photon, CARVEsmart, Jato Precision and Orange Vice, with static and dynamic demonstrations of the improved efficiency and accuracy available from all four of these pioneering technologies.

Blue Photon is a photo-activated adhesive method of workpiece clamping that offers engineers the opportunity to take a fresh look at challenging applications.

Managing director Mark Jones said: “The concept of using ultraviolet (blue) light to activate and create a high-performance adhesive reaction is not new; the dental industry has successfully used it for many years.

“However, its application in manufacturing does offer many key advantages.

“It is the perfect solution for holding delicate workpieces that are prone to distortion in the machining process.

“Parts such as large thin rings and turbine blades are easily held in place with Blue Photon, without the distortion that is caused by many other work-holding methods.

“Eliminating the need to reposition clamps or relying on operators to ‘gently’ clamp the part can be eliminated.”

Also on show at EMO will be the ground-breaking Universal Fixture Kit, which allows workshops to begin using this fixturing technology immediately, as it easily adapts to most parts.

Offering the ability to access five and six sides on any hard-to-hold part, it is simple to implement on existing machine tools (including turning, grinding, EDM and additive manufacturing systems); it also has the capacity to hold parts for the heavy milling or high-performance machining strategies of many materials (including titanium and super-alloys).

Globally renowned for collet-type work-holding and diaphragm chucks, Leader’s Jato Precision range has decades of experience with workpieces (in a vast array of engineering materials) mounted on almost every machine tool type.

At EMO 2019, the spotlight will be on the ability of its rotary, static and three-jaw diaphragm chucks.

These offer high repeatability of concentricity, as well as low and adjustable clamping forces for efficiently loading and unloading fragile and thin-walled components.

Leader’s Orange Vice was introduced in 2012 with the ethos of ‘perpetual innovation’.

EMO 2019 will see the launch of Orange Delta IV compact vices and zero-point sub-plates for use in multi-axis and high-density milling set-ups.

The patent-pending Orange Delta IV Compact vices feature a small (150 x 100mm) footprint and an integral zero-point interface that is cross-compatible with the company’s proprietary locating systems, as well as 52mm pull-stud interfaces from other brands.

Unlike self-centring vices common in the industry, the Orange Delta IV uses a unique serrated design that combines the best of self-centring vices and serrated fixtures with industry-leading gripping performance.

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