Minesto back in the water at Holyhead Deep

Posted on 10 Sep 2019 and read 709 times
Minesto back in the water at Holyhead DeepLeading marine-energy developer Minesto (www.minesto.com) has resumed testing of its commercial-scale DG500 kite system at the company’s Holyhead Deep site off the coast of North Wales.

Chief operating officer David Collier said: “We are very pleased to be back in the water with the DG500 kite system, and we are looking forward to the continued testing operations.

“The team has made a great effort in upgrading the system.”

Following the recent re-installation of some of the offshore infrastructure in the Holyhead Deep, the DG500 was towed to the site and re-connected to the sea-bed foundation.

The renewed testing will build on last year’s commissioning programme, with a focus on long-term operation.

Minesto’s chief technology officer, Bernt Erik Westre, said: “It was great to see the upgraded DG500 start up and fly right away, as it is different from last year’s version in several key areas.

"The new method of installing the kite by towing and connecting it to the infrastructure at the foundation — rather than on the surface — worked really well.

"By eliminating offshore kite lifts, we have expanded our operational ability and capacity, while also reducing the total cost.”

Minesto’s Deep Green technology consists of a sub-sea kite carrying a turbine.

The kite flies across the underwater current, significantly enhancing the speed of the water flow through the turbine.

This is said to make Minesto’s product commercially viable in globally extensive sea areas where no other verified technologies can operate cost-effectively.

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