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New range of face-milling cutters

Posted on 13 Sep 2019 and read 1120 times
New range of face-milling cuttersTungaloy UK Ltd, Wolverhampton (www.tungaloy.com/uk), has introduced its new DoQuad-Mill range of face-milling cutters, which are designed to address interference between the cutting tool and the workpiece.

The company says standard face-milling tools generally prevent users machining close to walls or fixture clamps due to inclined entry angles, whereas the DoQuad-Mill has been developed with a ‘near 90deg’ entry angle that ensures the cutter is ‘interference-free’ and therefore capable of face milling extremely close to walls and other features.

The double-sided square insert has eight cutting edges, each with a concave edge profile and a large inclination angle that combine to give improved swarf evacuation, generate barrel-shaped chips and prevent swarf re-cutting.

Moreover, a large rake angle generates low cutting forces and ensures a smooth cutting action, thereby reducing stresses and forces on both the machine spindle and the cutting tool, allowing these cutters to be used with low-powered machine tools or weak fixture assemblies.

DoQuad-Mill cutters range in diameter from 50 to 100mm and are available in both standard-pitch and close-pitch formats.

The standard-pitch cutter is designed to ensure chatter-free milling, whereas the close-pitch cutter is suited to applications where high-feed and high-speed machining is required.

Inserts are available with corner radii of 0.8, 1.2 and 2.0mm.

For precision machining applications that require high-quality surface finishes, a wiper insert is also available.

A range of insert grades and coatings accommodates a wide variety of material types.

Included is the AH3135 PVD grade; this has a high fracture resistance and is the first choice for machining steel and stainless steel.

AH120 — also a PVD grade — has been configured for general milling applications in steel and cast iron, while the T1215 CVD grade accommodates the machining of cast iron at high speed, while offering a high level of resistance to wear and chipping.

For the ‘productive high-speed machining’ of both steel and stainless steel, the T3225 grade is the first choice.

Tool life, longevity and performance of the insert grade are enhanced by Tungaloy’s proprietary PremiumTec special surface technology, which improves coating toughness and surface smoothness, boosts resistance to chipping,
eliminates built-up-edges and increases fracture resistance.