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MM1 microscope offers larger field of vision

Posted on 15 Oct 2019 and read 1119 times
MM1 microscope offers larger field of visionThe Garant MM1 measuring microscope from Hoffmann Group (www.hoffmann-group.com) has been well established on the market for 13 years and repeatedly updated since it was launched.

The latest version of this device now combines a 6.4-megapixel camera with a new optical lens, enabling a field of view that is five- or 10-times larger than the previous model, while offering the same precision.

Furthermore, a new Intel i7 processor ensures that the images are sharp and relayed to the screen quickly, further boosting productivity.

The field of view is five-times larger on the version with a motorised zoom lens, and 10-times larger on the version with a fixed lens.

In stitching mode, when several images are stitched together to form one overall image, this allows for a correspondingly large measurement field. As a result, even overhanging components can be measured quickly and precisely.

To enable the automated measurement of relatively large components, the stitching mode has been supplemented by a ‘Follow Contour’ function.

This means that if the measuring table has been specified with a CNC system, contours can be recorded step by step, even if the components are completely unknown to the system.

The CNC also allows for the teaching of new measurement programs, while a new learning function allows contours to be recognised reliably — even under adverse lighting conditions.

The new Garant MM1 measuring microscope is equipped as standard with a manually adjustable measuring table.