Universal automated blast system

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Universal automated blast systemThe Skipton-based finishing and shot peening equipment manufacturer Guyson International (www.guyson.co.uk) has introduced a new universal automated blast system.

Based on its existing Multiblast RSB, the new system incorporates roof-mounted servo drives to provide ‘saturation coverage’ from the blast guns of all the components positioned on the rotating table.

Guyson says this new universal automated blast system will appeal to sub-contractors or manufacturers with a varied component mix of different sizes and shapes requiring a ‘value-adding’ cosmetic finish, shot peening, general deburring, paint removal, aerospace MRO cleaning or surface finishing.

The blast chamber is 1,500mm wide x 1,500mm deep x 900mm high and is fitted with a large front-opening door, allowing easy access to the 1m-wide painted-steel turntable (a poly-urethane version is available).

As standard, the Multiblast RSB comes with two Guyson model 900 guns, each with its own pressure regulator, allowing optimum blast coverage of components on the table.

This number can be increased to a maximum of eight guns.

Furthermore, a blast nozzle holding-clamp option enables a gun to be swapped out for cleaning without losing the gun position; an automated post-blasting air wash is also provided — as standard — to remove any blast media residues and leave the parts clean for subsequent processes.

For optimum component blast coverage, the machine can be provided with either horizontal or vertical servo-driven gun drives.

Both provide 500mm of travel, either across the turntable for full saturation coverage or vertically stroking (up and down) taller components to provide uniform coverage, while the part rotates on the turntable.

All Guyson Multiblast machines are provided with an HMI (human machine interface) designed to simplify operation of the automated blasting, streamline access to control functions, and allow password-protected direct entry of dimensional data or processing parameters into the system’s PLC.

The panel can also display control settings, production data and system feedback, such as sensor and fault indications or maintenance prompts.

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