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What makes classic cars timeless?

Posted on 01 Nov 2019 and read 820 times
What makes classic cars timeless?While modern cars may be at the forefront of innovation, demand for classic cars is also thriving — the older a model is, the more it arouses the interest of car enthusiasts world-wide.

To keep these older vehicles on the road there is a range of companies that specialise in servicing and renovating classic cars and sometimes a full classic car restoration to return them to their former glories.

Unique design

Classic cars were designed in a bygone era using analogous methods, which created shapes and lines that technology cannot easily recreate.

There are the iconic designs of Jaguars and Ferraris for instance that modern designers would never even dare alude to in their modern vehicles.

The hand-crafted designs of classic cars are often exquisite and were time-consuming to create — today’s designers have to strike a balance between function and form for modern day production lines.

Another important point is that Classic cars were not hindered by strict regulations and did not have to contend with things like crash tests and aerodynamic drag coefficients.

All that mattered then was that the design of the car matched the mood, personality, and trends of the time.


The time it takes to produce a modern car is only a fraction of the time it took to build a classic car. Newer cars are mass-produced with automated machinery and robots, whereas classic cars were hand-built by craftsmen using skills and basic tools.

The result is that many of the classic cars still being driven today are testament to the high standards of the day.

Cars with character

Compared to modern engines which have been sealed and will have to be serviced by a trained mechanic, a classic car engine is much simpler to deal with and the driver is really like an extension of the machine.

Everything from changing gears to steering the vehicle, the driver is fully engaged with his vehicle.

Nostalgia for a bygone era

Classic car owners have a real connection with their vehicles which will have also enjoyed a rich history. Every scratch, every crack, and every wheezing noise that a classic car exudes tells a story.

For these prized classics, it is not about efficiency and speed, but a matter of style, experience, and history.

Classic cars do not just appeal to car enthusiasts, but also to people that enjoy history, art, and engineering.