Inspection test bar system for spindles

Posted on 15 Nov 2019 and read 871 times
Inspection test bar system for spindlesBIG Kaiser, a manufacturer of high-precision tooling systems, has developed the new Dyna Test precision inspection test bar system for monitoring spindle performance.

Available in the UK from Tamworth-based Industrial Tooling Corporation Ltd (ITC —, the system allows regular inspections to be undertaken so that potential problems with spindles and bearings can be identified, thereby reducing down-time and lost production as well as avoiding costly repairs.

When in use, the Dyna Test device is clamped in the machine spindle and then rotated. A dial gauge measures the deflection of the test mandrel, checking the concentricity of the spindle.

While this test can be performed with a tool to identify concentricity inaccuracies, it is still necessary to determine whether the problem is caused by the spindle, the shank or the tool itself.

The Dyna Test bar identifies spindle inaccuracies immediately, eliminating all other variables.

To meet the requirements of ISO 9000, BIG Kaiser can provide a calibration certificate with complete traceability.

ITC offers the Dyna Test bars for BBT, BDV, HSK and BIG Capto spindle interfaces.

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