Grainger and Worrall installs new melting towers

Posted on 03 Dec 2019 and read 432 times
Grainger and Worrall installs new melting towersAs part of a £6 million investment plan for the expansion of its Bridgnorth facility, automotive casting specialist Grainger & Worrall ( has installed two new partially automated melting towers at a cost of £1.5 million; these have provided a significant increase in efficiency and a reduction in process time and energy consumption.

The melters can process two tonnes of dual alloy ingot types per hr simultaneously, up from 800kg.

As well as offering distinct health-and-safety benefits for the operators, the semi-automated process is fully traceable, providing precise control of timings and temperature to help optimise the melting process.

Andrew Hough, Grainger & Worrall facilities director, said “Installation of thetwo melting towers was a huge undertaking that required the factory’s roof to be raised by 2m.

“Their design enables the waste heat from the furnace below to pre-heat the next batch of alloy ingots to 400°C, giving them a vital head start before melting occurs at 750°C at furnace level.

“Two different types of alloy ingots can be used, which is a key benefit for the automotive industry, and running two melters gives us more production flexibility.”

While the two new melting towers are the latest investment made by Grainger & Worrall, the company also recently increased its throughput capacity by 50% with the addition of a third CT scanner.

This helps to ensure that large castings meet the stringent quality assurance standards demanded by the automotive industry.

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