Automatic dispenser system updated

Posted on 15 Feb 2020 and read 586 times
Automatic dispenser system updatedOptimised ergonomics’ to improve ease of use for the end user, when storing and managing frequently required consumables, have been incorporated in the latest Unibase-S single automatic dispenser from Rugby-based Mapal Ltd (

For example, the display is now at the top of the unit to make operation easier and more ergonomically friendly for shopfloor users. Furthermore, the software has been changed so that the new Unibase-S can be coupled to existing
Unibase systems or used as a stand-alone solution.

The compact dispensing system can be installed directly on a workbench, where the 96 or 192 compartments can be used for storing — for example — indexable inserts, cutting tools, chucks or even personal protective equipment.

The ability to have the compact system near the workstation or operator can save the employee significant time, negating the need for frequent trips to a central stores area.

Removing consumables from the Unibase-S is accomplished with just a few short steps.

Initially, the employee must log in to the device (via the touch-screen, an RFID chip or a fingerprint). Only registered employees can remove articles from the system.

If an employee is not logged in, it is not possible to turn the dispensing drum, and the dispensing compartments remain locked.

After the desired article has been selected via the Unibase software, an LED identifies the compartment with the corresponding article.

The dispensing drum is then rotated manually to the withdrawal position, and access is gained.

Once the dispensing compartment has been opened, the system automatically registers the removal of the item and updates stock levels.

The software can provide comprehensive reporting for the customer, allowing consumable usage to be monitored and measured, thereby providing improved visibility, control and subsequently reduced costs.

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