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PSL Datatrack’s Sequential Scheduler enhanced

Posted on 23 Aug 2020 and read 734 times
PSL Datatrack’s Sequential Scheduler enhancedAs part of the production planning process for sub-contract precision engineering companies, Berkshire-based PSL Datatrack's Sequential Scheduler module is designed to assist in the scheduling of shopfloor processes and is subject to continual improvements.

The module helps to create a closely controlled, smooth flow of work throughout a factory so that deliveries are made on time and any potential bottlenecks, which may result in late delivery are identified, allowing re-scheduling to take place.

One key purpose of using the Sequential Scheduler is to provide an overview of the sequence of jobs that need to be undertaken to manufacture any component on any shopfloor resource, inclusive of any sub-contract operations that may be needed.

PSL Datatrack has constantly added new levels of functionality to the module to improve its accuracy, functionality, reporting abilities and real-time shopfloor visibility.

These have historically been achieved through closer integration with the Quotations module, enhancements to the Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) module and the use of the Status Board display system to provide real-time visibility on the progress being made on any job throughout each operation.

The latest development in the software helps to increase efficiency by allowing operations that have similar set-up requirements to be grouped together.

Time can then be saved on set-ups and overall manufacturing efficiency improved. Furthermore, any grouped operations can either be brought forward or delayed until an economic quantity of components under manufacture is available or before being sent out for plating or any other third-party finishing processes that may be required.

This new functionality helps ensure jobs are correctly prioritised and required materials are readily available. The reporting features provide management with a quick view of the time required to complete jobs and allow any re-planning or re-scheduling to be calculated within seconds.