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‘Excellence Factory’ for MonoBlock machines opens

Posted on 30 Sep 2020 and read 490 times
‘Excellence Factory’ for MonoBlock machines opensDMG Mori has ‘revolutionised’ the production of MonoBlock five-axis machining centres with the opening of its new 4,000m2 Excellence Factory at Deckel Maho Pfronten GmbH, in southern Germany.

The flow-line assembly, which is based on an automated guided vehicle (AGV) transport system, results in a significant productivity. Christian Thönes, chairman of DMG Mori AG, said: “Investments in innovations are the only way out of the current pandemic crisis, so we are automating and digitalising our internal value chain.”

At the heart of production in the new factory is an AGV transport system. This features optical navigation that uses the latest laser scanning technology to move machines continuously and autonomously through the assembly stations at a speed of 45mm/min.

The complete model mix of the MonoBlock series — including all models with a pallet changer (DMC) and with a turn-mill table (FD) — has been built in a flow line in 34 cycles, starting with basic assembly and finishing with final inspection.

Michael Horn, DMG Mori AG board member, said: “Today, our new MonoBlock Excellence Factory in Pfronten is demonstrating what tomorrow’s production will look like. Using modern automation and digitalisation solutions, we are consistently realigning our factories to the production of the future.

“The driverless AGV transport system is perfectly integrated into the digital value chain of our production site; and compared to rail systems, AGVs are a much more flexible solution that optimise the production infrastructure.”

With individual cycle times of just 2.5hr, every MonoBlock machine can now be assembled in just seven days — a 30% time saving that increases capacity at the site from 600 to 1,000 machines per year.

The new factory also sets new standards in terms of digitalisation, with software from the US start-up Tulip an important part of the flow-line assembly; DMG Mori has developed an app solution that shows employees the necessary assembly information for each cycle with machine-specific work plans, as well as detailed drawings, pictures and video instructions.

DMG Mori is passing the benefits of increased productivity on to its customers. All prices for MonoBock models have been reduced by 10,000 euros and the accuracy package is also integrated as standard, resulting in a price advantage for customers of 30,000 euros.