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Trumpf unveils new TruPunch 3000 punching machine

Posted on 02 Dec 2020 and read 870 times
Trumpf unveils new TruPunch 3000 punching machineFrom the outside, the new TruPunch 3000 looks almost identical to its smaller sibling, the TruPunch 1000. That is because Luton-based Trumpf Ltd has incorporated its tried-and-tested Delta Drive into the Series 3000 to boost throughput and shrink the machine’s footprint.

What is more, the Trumpf developers have added a number of other features to this new machine to increase part quality and productivity.

Alongside the TruPunch 3000, Trumpf presents its new TruMatic 3000 fiber punch-laser machine, which includes the addition of a TruDisk 3001 with 3kW of laser power. The result is a great choice for users who wish to benefit from the flexibility of laser processing combined with highly productive punching.

The TruPunch/TruMatic 3000 machines are highly productive and cost-effective even when used at medium capacity. With a working area of 2,500 x 1,250mm in the medium-format version and 3,000 x 1,500mm in the large-format version, they can handle metal sheets up to 6.4mm thick.

Thanks to the innovative Delta Drive concept, they offer a 9% increase in throughput compared to previous models. With a footprint of just 30m2, the new model is some 25% more compact than other comparable machines.

A new approach to punching

The patented Delta Drive eliminates the need for the sheet and work table to move in the Y-axis because it enables the punching head to “fly”, or move back and forth, across the sheet. The drive system of the Delta Drive is powered by three servomotors. The key to the Delta Drive is how it couples the punching action with the travel along the Y-axis. The sheet and work table do not move. This makes the punching process more reliable and boosts productivity.

The secret to this machine’s superior efficiency is the smooth flow of materials. Small parts automatically fall into a part chute that sorts them into up to four boxes. The TruPunch/TruMatic 3000 also features an additional, larger part flap that can eject parts measuring up to 400 x 600mm and deposit them in two containers.

The machine can be equipped with the SheetMaster Compact and SortMaster Compact to ensure smooth and efficient loading and unloading. These provide an automated system for loading sheets into the machine and unloading blanks, microjoint sheets and scrap skeletons. The TruPunch/TruMatic 3000 part chute provides a gentle, reliable and automated means of ejecting and sorting finished parts.

High part quality

The machine also features a descending die to ensure high-quality, scratch-free parts. This moves down after the punching stroke, preventing contact between the sheet and the die when the sheet is moving and avoiding collisions that could cause scratches during punching and forming.

The TruPunch/TruMatic 3000 is also the first combined punch-laser machine from TRUMPF to feature a control panel with a Touchpoint interface. Easier and more intuitive to use, this makes tool management simpler.

The Delta Drive and the TruDisk disk laser make the TruMatic 3000 fiber particularly energy-efficient. Compared to other beam sources, the TruDisk is particularly productive in the six-millimeter sheet thickness range.

This laser makes the machine quick and easy to program, providing a level of flexibility that can even cater to small batch sizes.

Other benefits include low initial investment costs and the machine’s high level of efficiency. See the machine in action here.