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400 Amp Mig Welder. With Wire Feed
Manufacturer: JASIC
Model: MIG 400 (361)
Amperage: 400
Input: 400/3/50hz
Amperage range: 30 - 40
Manufacturer: JASIC Model: MIG 400 (361) Amperage: 400 Input: 400/3/50hz Amperage range: 30 - 40...
Electro Motion Export (UK) Ltd

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Robot range is quickly extended with 7th axis

Posted on 30 Nov 2020 and read 845 times
Robot range is quickly extended with 7th axis A ready-to-fit 7th axis has been designed and manufactured by www.igus.co.uk Igus to enable Universal Robots (UR) and Robolink robots to travel several metres.

The global manufacturer of energy chain systems and polymer plain bearings, which has its UK base in Northampton, has developed this robotic solution to include a maintenance-free, drylin ZLW toothed belt axis, corresponding adapter plate and a switch cabinet, cables and software.

Customers can add this 7th axis to an existing articulated arm robot, as well as to a UR.

Matthew Aldridge, Igus UK managing director, said: “Robots do everything from inserting pieces into a milling machine to dispensing chocolate bars from vending machines to placing crates on to pallets. But how can robots move vertically, horizontally, or overhead in a controlled direction? The answer is a 7th axis.”

This Igus 7th axis is specifically designed for linear movement and is a lubrication-free, lightweight flat linear unit with a stroke of up to 6m and, with the help of the drylin linear bearings, a positional accuracy of 0.5mm.

To easily integrate the axis and robot, Igus has developed two adapter kits. A customer purchasing a complete system receives an adapter plate which easily attaches to the robot and an energy chain which attaches to the unit.

If a robolink robot is used, the 7th axis can be simply controlled by Igus robot control software.

For UR robots, Igus supplies the UR-CAP integration solution, which includes all the electrical modules needed. This means that the robot can be installed and put to work within just a few minutes. Igus also offers solutions for UR3, UR5 and UR10 robots (Universal Robots), robolink DP robots and DCi robots.

The 7th axis is supplied by Igus as a complete, ready to connect system. It consists of a drylin ZLW-20 toothed belt axis in the required length, plus connecting cables, the control cabinet, power electronics, software, and corresponding adapter kit. This adapter kit is also available to purchase separately.

Visit the Igus Web site for further information (www.igus.co.uk/info/7th-axis-for-universal-robots).