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‘Xtreme’ milling performance from ITC

Posted on 23 Apr 2021 and read 646 times
‘Xtreme’ milling performance from ITCTamworth-based Industrial Tooling Corporation Ltd (ITC) has introduced the Widia Hanita VariMill XTreme. Incorporating key features from the proven VariMill I, the new solid-carbide end mill offers a number of significant advancements and has been engineered to ‘excel in a variety of aggressive machining conditions’, with enhanced chip evacuation and corner stability on a wide range of materials — including steel, stainless steel, cast iron and superalloys.

Moreover, it can undertake a variety of operations, including ramping, slotting, plunging, drilling, helical interpolation and ‘dynamic milling’.

These four-flute end mills are offered with a choice of geometries that include a square-end, sharp edges, chamfers and corner radii designs. Also featured are a ‘four-asymmetrical divided flute’ and variable helix angle, which work in tandem to reduce vibration and ‘harmonic impact’ for improved surface finishes and tool life.

These are complemented by a ‘twisted end face’ that improves edge and corner stability and significantly enhances ramping and helical machining operations.

To maximise stability in the most extreme conditions, the VariMill XTreme has a ‘parabolic core’ that reduces deflection and the risk of tool breakage. The cutters also have a non-linear gash profile that optimises chip evacuation for further improved ramping and Z-axis machining capabilities.

VariMill XTreme cutters, which are available in diameters from 3 to 25mm, can undertake side milling at depths up to 1.5xD and slotting up to 1.25xD. The new end mills are suitable for all materials in the ISO P, M, K, S and H categories. Imperial dimensions and custom solutions are also available upon request.