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Finn-Power E5 Punching Machine
This Finn-Power E5 Punching Machine was manufactured in the year 2007. It has been working for appro
This Finn-Power E5 Punching Machine was manufactured in the year 2007. It has been working for appro...

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3-D printed landing gear is 15% lighter

Posted on 19 May 2021 and read 1116 times
3-D printed landing gear is 15% lighterSafran Landing Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of French multi-national aerospace company Safran SA and the world’s largest supplier of landing gear, has teamed up with German powder bed, metal additive manufacturing (AM) equipment specialist SLM Solutions
to evaluate the feasibility of using its technology to produce large, safety-critical aircraft components. SLM Solutions’ sole agent for the UK and Ireland, Kingsbury, describes the project.

The trial involved 3-D printing the main fitting for the nose landing gear of a business jet layer by layer from titanium alloy powder by selective laser melting (SLM). It was a world-first for such a large part measuring 455 x 295 x 805mm tall.

The component was redesigned to optimise its production using metal powder bed AM, leading to a time saving in the build process and a significant weight reduction of around 15% compared with if the part were to be milled from a forging.

Due to the stringent demands placed on this component — which is one of the landing gear elements that transfers the load from the front wheel to the aircraft structure and is retracted after take-off — titanium is the ideal material due to its good mechanical properties, durability and resistance to corrosion without the need for surface treatment.

Thierry Berenger, AM project leader at Safran Landing Systems, said: “We chose SLM Solutions as a partner because of its expertise and the availability of an SLM800 machine at its facility in Luebeck, which exactly met our requirements in terms of size and reliability.”

Quad-laser technology

Having a vertically extended build envelope, the machine is equipped with SLM Solutions’ proven quad-laser technology and other innovative features such as a patented gas flow system and a permanent filter, which ensure high reliability.

One of the strengths of SLM technology is its flexibility — design changes can be quickly made and modifications 3-D printed and tested, so less time is spent in prototype development.

Gerhard Bierleutgeb, EVP Global Services and Solutions at SLM Solutions, said: “AM contributes to saving time in the qualification and certification phases by rapidly providing parts for testing.

“We were able to produce this main fitting in a few days on the SLM800, whereas it would take a few months using a traditional process based on a forging.”