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DMG MORI CLX 350 Lathe
This DMG MORI CLX 350 Lathe was built in Poland in the year 2018. This 2 axis machine has been worki
This DMG MORI CLX 350 Lathe was built in Poland in the year 2018. This 2 axis machine has been worki...

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HALO Trust chosen as a development partner for Grenadier 4x4

Posted on 21 Jul 2021 and read 728 times
HALO Trust chosen as a development partner for Grenadier 4x4INEOS Automotive has confirmed that the HALO Trust — a non-political and non-religious registered British charity and American non-profit organisation that removes debris left behind by war, in particular land mines — is now a development partner for its Grenadier 4x4. INEOS says it is aiming to develop a fleet of bespoke Grenadiers suitable for HALO operations and capable of supporting its lifesaving work in 25 post-war countries.

The HALO Trust has a worldwide fleet of over 600 4x4 vehicles and operates them in ‘some of the most remote and inhospitable places on the planet.

James Cowan, the HALO Trust’s CEO, said: “From mountain tracks to urban battlefields, HALO goes further to find and destroy landmines. This means that we need a vehicle fleet fit for war zones, rainforests and deserts.

“Our 9,000 ‘deminers’ are some of the most resilient people on the planet, and they need vehicles they can rely on to keep them safe and get the job done. We want to share our experiences with INEOS to help build an off-roader ready for the challenges of the 21st century.”

Dirk Heilmann, INEOS Automotive’s CEO, said: “I hugely admire the HALO Trust’s mission and the dedication of the HALO team. It is a real privilege to work with them. With decades of experience of running a large number of vehicles in extreme conditions, we could think of no better organisation for helping us to develop the Grenadier.

“All the knowledge and insight that HALO is sharing with us is incredibly valuable to the engineering programme, and will ultimately help us create the toughest, most capable vehicle for all users.”

INEOS has been working with HALO since 2020, when it joined an active HALO operation in Angola and saw the charity’s vehicles negotiating pitted, rocky and sometimes ‘undriveable roads’. Seeing how drivers deal with the terrain and repair vehicles in challenging conditions — and with only basic tools — has helped shape the ongoing development of the Grenadier.

HALO has worked in Angola for 27 years, and its mission there was highlighted by Princess Diana’s landmark visit in 1997.

Over the next 12 months, more than 130 second-phase prototypes are being deployed as part of the vehicle’s ongoing worldwide 1.8 million km testing and development programme. These development activities will be used by INEOS and HALO to assess the vehicle’s on- and off-road capabilities, as well as its ease of service, maintenance and repair in the field.