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IBARMIA ZV 50/3000 Vertical Machining Center
This IBARMIA ZV 50/3000 Vertical Machining Center was manufactured in the year 1999 in Spain.  This
This IBARMIA ZV 50/3000 Vertical Machining Center was manufactured in the year 1999 in Spain. This ...

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Hyfore introduces new ultrasonic tool holders

Posted on 01 Oct 2021 and read 1049 times
Hyfore introduces new ultrasonic tool holdersFor manufacturers faced with the challenge of machining extremely hard and brittle materials or undertaking micro-machining operations, Coventry-based Hyfore Workholding has introduced a new range of ultrasonic tool holders. Manufactured by Acrow, they are suitable for machining everything from carbide and PEEK through to Zirconia, Sapphire, SiC, AlSiC, Quartz and Boron Nitride.

The toolholders can be retrofitted to virtually any machine tool and by harnessing ultrasonic vibrations that resonate at a frequency range of 20 to 60kHz, the cutting tool oscillates in an upward and downward motion at a frequency of beyond 20,000 times per sec.

For the end user, this high-speed frequency exceeds the frequency of sound waves and can significantly improve tool life and machining performance while producing perfect surface finishes on the most difficult-to-machine materials.

The new system incorporates an ultrasonic generator with automatic frequency detection and tracking unit that is located outside of the machine and is connected to an ultrasonic tool holder.

The externally-connected generator has a 24kHz frequency with 30W auto-frequency tracking that generates a high-power output that is rigorously designed for machine shop environments. It is suitable for high-precision continuous operations with its integrated electronic circuitry and the ability to automatically switch power supply for AC100-240V and 50/60Hz.

Connecting to this externally positioned generator is an ultrasonic toolholder that is available to suit most machine tools with BT30, BT40, HSK63A, CV40 and DV40 connections available.

The ultrasonic tool holders weigh between 2.4 and 3.4kg depending on connection type and it is recommended the spindles run at a speed of up to 6,000rev/min with a maximum run-out of less than 5µm. With a frequency of 24kHz and an amplitude range of 2-10µm, the high-frequency vibration of 24,000 times per sec equates to a machining speed 240,000rev/min.

Oscillating at such a high frequency, the Acrow ultrasonic spindles from Hyfore Workholding eliminate the need for specialist high-frequency machine tools for processing the most challenging materials.

Despite being a specialist product application, the Acrow ultrasonic spindles facilitate through spindle coolant and can also work with automatic tool change units, making the system suitable for most machine tools.

This versatility affords any of your machine tools the ability to machine Monocrystalline silicone and ceramic packaging materials used in the semiconductor industry, optical display panel machining and LED substrate machining as well as ceramic bearing, brake pad, cylinder liners and injection nozzles in the automotive industry.

The spindles are also ideal for composite, honeycomb and titanium machining in the aerospace sector; ceramic teeth, bone screws and more in the medical sector and it is the perfect problem solver for manufacturers in the micro-machining and jewellery industries.

As well as providing groundbreaking solutions such as the ultrasonic tool holders, Hyfore Workholding is also a leading supplier of standard and specialist workholding solutions as well as a bespoke workholding, clamping and automation specialist.

With an internal team of design engineers and a ‘state of the art’ manufacturing facility, Hyfore has a team of 30 engineers that can go above and beyond customer requirements to engineer, implement and prove out a workholding, fixturing, jig or clamping system and even automate the solution to meet its exact needs.