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This KITAKO HS4200NM Lathe machine was built in Japan in 2007. This 2 axis machine is operated throu
This KITAKO HS4200NM Lathe machine was built in Japan in 2007. This 2 axis machine is operated throu...

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Latest Vericut software increases ‘productivity and sustainability’

Posted on 28 Sep 2021 and read 2094 times
Latest Vericut software increases ‘productivity and sustainability’The latest release of Vericut CNC machine simulation, verification and optimisation software (version 9.2) from Hove-based CGTech is applicable to all types of CNC machining, additive, and hybrid manufacturing processes; and while the software operates independently, it can also be integrated with leading CAM systems.

The company says the latest software increases productivity and sustainability and incorporates several new features that “boost manufacturing efficiency, help preserve machines and cutting tools, increase machine capacity and dramatically reduce repair and scrap costs.

“Substantial speed increases to collision checking and overall performance, a ‘New 3DLive’ interface, improved cutting tool support, and reporting enhancements are just a few of the notable features in this latest release. Hundreds of customer-driven improvements and software requests were also incorporated in this latest version.”

Vericut Force, CGTech’s integrated simulation-optimisation solution, also benefits from these latest enhancements, “drastically reducing machining times, extending tool life, preventing undesirable cutting conditions and improving part quality. Users also have more options for setting and adjusting optimisation limits, more comprehensive tooling data and greater customisation options for ‘Graphs and Reports’.”

Vericut 9.2 also brings significant speed increases and improved accuracy to collision checking and overall performance, along with more options for optimising programs by setting target ‘chip thickness’ and any combination of ‘Force’ limits, including maximum force, maximum power and maximum tool deflection. Force can now also control the spindle speed, and OptiPath has a new ‘Learn’ mode that enables users to choose ‘how aggressively’ to learn from current cutting results.

Furthermore, Sandvik/Walter stock material (TMC) alias names have been added, enabling optimisers to search for material names known to them, and determine if suitable Force materials exist.

Among the many other enhancements are: ‘Adjust Turning Interrupted Cut’ settings that slow feed rates on motions through gaps or obstructions on turned parts; a new ‘Assembly Manager’ that manages libraries of component assemblies, such as robot end effectors, interchangeable machine heads, bolt-on rotary tables and part/fixture set-ups; upgrades for tool reporting that create reports with detailed cutting tool information quickly; and new ‘Dockable Graphs’ and ‘Tool Use’ windows. The latter provides convenient views of tool and program run times, as well as optimisation savings.