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Radio probe and tool-setting system boosts shopfloor efficiency

Posted on 16 Nov 2021 and read 2199 times
Radio probe and tool-setting system boosts shopfloor efficiencyNew in-machine measurement technologies released recently by Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division have been designed to significantly increase the variety of probing and tool-setting options available to manufacturers.

Hexagon’s multi-sensor machine tool measurement capabilities now include compact tactile radio probes and a flexible tool-setter that can be used interchangeably to identify and correct production problems early in the production process.

Hexagon’s new M&H R-400 multi-sensor radio probe system can be used to fulfil both in-machine workpiece measurement and tool-setting requirements. Moreover, Hexagon says the system is the first tactile probe on the market that includes a built-in display.

“It provides ‘status data at a glance’, enables users to save or load settings, and makes it easy to switch between tactile-sensor and tool-setting functions. Designed for shopfloor flexibility, the system can be used as a radio probe by equipping it with a probe shank or as a radio tool setter by mounting it on a tool-setter base.

“The system also features an illuminated ring that surrounds the probe body and lights up to indicate current performance conditions and activities, so that operators can easily see the status of the system — including notifications such as ‘system ready’, ‘battery low’ and ‘probing’.”

Hexagon added: “Designed to operate with precision in tight spaces, the M&H TP-R-400 tactile radio probe is available with three different measuring units. Configured for varied levels of accuracy and different styli configurations to suit specific measurement needs, the system is available with standard or highly accurate measuring units.

Additionally, extensions up to 200mm long can be used to bring the measuring unit closer to the measurement area. Despite its modularity, the probe is extremely compact; with a diameter of only 40mm, it fits into most tool magazine and can be used on small machines or applications with limited space.

“The M&H TS-R-400 tool-setter can be ‘mounted flexibly’ in the machine space to suit different inspection needs. For instance, it can be secured to a rotary table with a slot nut so that it remains stationary even when the table is moving. It can also be mounted on a magnetic base so that it can be removed when not in use, such as after initial tool checks prior to the machining process.”