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MIR 200 robot
This MIR 200 robot was made in the year 2017. It has a 500 kg of capacity. Includes a docking statio
This MIR 200 robot was made in the year 2017. It has a 500 kg of capacity. Includes a docking statio...

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BigRep introduces new generation of large-format 3-D printers

Posted on 05 Dec 2021 and read 787 times
BigRep introduces new generation of large-format 3-D printersThe new BigRep PRO is a 1m cubed 3-D printer that allows the production of full-scale large parts, including functional prototypes, factory tooling, patterns, moulds and end-use parts. Moreover, this machine is ‘fully fibre-ready’ and compatible with many fibre-filled filaments including PA12-CF. BigRep says the PRO is now easier than ever to use thanks to a new hybrid software-hardware solution.

“BigRep JumpStart lets the user start printing within minutes and skip the hassle of manual print preparation. JumpStart combines three features that make life easier for the customer, saving them valuable time.”

First, removing large and small parts on the PRO just got easier with ‘Switchplate’, a ‘removable and flexible’ print bed surface that eliminates the need for glues and removal tools. Second, ‘Lockstage’ allows for ‘accurate, secure extruder mounting with little effort, providing even greater precision throughout the entire print’.

Lastly, BigRep’s MXT controls system simplifies the use of Switchplate ‘in action’, bypassing the need for manual print bed and extruder calibration, thereby ensuring crucial first print layers are optimal every time. “The MXT control system orchestrates the harmonious performance of all components and processes to ensure fast printing, accuracy and repeatability.

“It uses proprietary algorithms that improve your G-code print file, resulting in better quality such as smoother surfaces, higher accuracy and all round consistent results.

“Moreover, the ONE can be easily configured to the needs of the user. Customers can choose from single, dual or twin extruder modes — plus add-ons like an enclosed housing. Then, as their 3-D printing needs evolve, they can simply upgrade their ONE with additional features.”