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Hainbuch IQ adds intelligence to workholding

Posted on 10 Apr 2022 and read 1861 times
Hainbuch IQ adds intelligence to workholdingHainbuch, the precision workholding equipment specialist, has taken innovation to a new level with its IQ range of chucks and mandrels which can manage and monitor production to improve workflow, productivity and consistency for the end-user.

By incorporating measuring intelligence, the new Hainbuch IQ reduces measurement procedure times and scrap rates while improving productivity and process capacity, monitoring the defined clamping parameters and documenting the results for repeat production orders. The IQ system achieves this by integrating sensor technology to deliver a solution that smooths the transition to Industry 4.0 and digitalisation.

The IQ system provides many different measurements and monitoring possibilities, recording data and relaying the information via contactless transmission directly to the machine controller where it is analysed.

The controller executes a setpoint comparison and if any deviations are found, an output message or correction is initiated. This makes long-term process control possible by using the data obtained through condition monitoring. The data between the rotating clamping device and a stator fixed on the headstock is transmitted with a field-bus system directly to the machine controller or a gateway.

The intelligent new IQ system is available with the dead length and pullback TOPlus IQ hexagonal chucks and the SPANNTOP round IQ chucks. This caters for a clamping range from 3-100mm with the TOPlus and 3-160mm with the SPANNTOP system. The IQ technology has also been integrated into the MAXXOS and MANDO mandrel ranges to support the clamping of components from 8 to 200mm diameter across the range. This combination of options provides machine shops running everything from turning and milling centres through to grinding, measuring and assembly workstations, a completely new outlook on how to measure and control its clamping processes.

New measuring possibilities

The new IQ system makes it possible to measure a multitude of parameters such as the workpiece diameter, temperature, rpm, workpiece contact and clamping force, providing the customer with complete process control.

The workpiece diameter can now be clamped and measured in a single step with no additional measuring machine, attaining a measurement accuracy of +/-0.01mm diameter, this can help to detect whether the correct diameter has been produced in upstream machining processes.

With regards to temperature, the IQ system can measure the temperature of the clamping device to within +/-0.1deg C. By detecting gradual temperature changes during machining, the IQ enables any deviations to be accounted for in measuring procedures. For condition monitoring, the IQ can measure the spindle speed to a precision level of +/-1%. By monitoring the rev/min with analysis diagrams, the system can detect any loss of inertia.

The measurement of workpiece contact is conducted via sensors in the body and through the 3-point part support contact on the workpiece end-stop. This enables the IQ system to detect swarf on the component and end-stop to less than 0.03mm without complex air sensing control that requires rotary units and subsequent piping.

Furthermore, the IQ system provides workpiece clamping force measurement to ensure that a continuous clamping force is maintained on the component. Any deviation from the calibrated clamping force value is therefore determined.

This gives the end-user an understanding of whether the clamping force is suitable for the respective component and if the forces have been set correctly on the hydraulic unit or clamping cylinder — a factor that is essential for automated production scenarios.

The new IQ system from Hainbuch can be integrated into most machine tools and requires very little preparation.