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Sumitomo Demag EL-EXIS SP 200/560-675 Injection Moulding Machine
This Sumitomo Demag EL-EXIS SP 200/560-675 Injection Moulding Machine was made in the year 2017 in G
This Sumitomo Demag EL-EXIS SP 200/560-675 Injection Moulding Machine was made in the year 2017 in G...

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Mazak launches new compact 3-D fibre laser

Posted on 27 Apr 2022 and read 1068 times
Mazak launches new compact 3-D fibre laserWorcester-based Yamazaki Mazak is taking its laser-cutting capabilities to the maximum with the launch of its new FG-220 compact 3-D fibre laser cutting machine. This latest addition to the range is designed for the precision 3-D cutting of long tubes (with round, square, rectangular, and triangular cross-sections) and structural materials (including I and H beams, angle iron, and additional user-defined shapes).

The machine is designed to improve the productivity of cutting thin- to medium-thickness pipe and other structural materials. This is due to the fibre-laser technology having a shorter wavelength than a CO2 laser for high-speed cutting of medium steel with nitrogen assist gas. Higher productivity translates into significant energy savings thanks to the 100% elimination of laser gas and a 50% reduction in electrical consumption.

Furthermore, the FG-220 is an all-in-one machine that can perform multiple processes including cutting, drilling, tapping, and clamping, which leads to significantly reduced in-process times.

Maximum 3-D flexibility

Mazak has engineered a proprietary 3-D laser cutting head with an extended range of movement across an A- and a B-axis, which expands on the array of possible applications. The FG-220 enables machining at any desired angle and from various directions, thus achieving even complex shapes, as well as tight joint-fits.

As a result, rigid space frames can be quickly constructed with reduced welding when compared to conventional construction processes. The machine is suitable for use on a broader spectrum of workpieces, including highly-reflective materials such as copper and brass.

The machine is equipped with several features to enable high-precision cutting of long materials, such as auto-centering and clamping of the workpiece, and various support units to prevent sagging during cut. Four chucks simultaneously travel on and rotate around the axis to avoid material swaying.

The machine can also be provided with work length measurement and inclination compensation to detect bends or twists, a tapping unit for shorter production lead time, and a chain type conveyor for continuous operation.

Easy programming

The FG-220 comes installed with the unique Mazak FX CNC and FX TUBE CAD/CAM software for pipe cutting, which offers plenty of quality-of-life functions such as part nesting, a simulation tool, and a tool path monitor to speed up set-up times and enable a continuous production.

With its efficient fibre laser technology, wide range of 3-D possibilities, and numerous customisation options for high-precision cutting, the FG-220 is considered an ideal machine for tube manufacturers looking to streamline their production processing and achieve a higher level of performance.