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Union BFT 130-6
Make: union
Type: horizontal-boring-mill-table-type
Model: BFT 130-6
Spindle diameter (mm): 130
Make: union Type: horizontal-boring-mill-table-type Model: BFT 130-6 Spindle diameter (mm): 130 ...
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Tungaloy introduces new turning line

Posted on 09 Jun 2022 and read 774 times
Tungaloy introduces new turning lineAs part of its Addforce global launch of next-generation cutting tools, Tungaloy UK has introduced the new AddInternalCut to its product range which features four cutting edges on an internal grooving tool for precision turning and small part machining applications.

The tooling manufacturer has developed the unique new clamping system that is incorporated into the tool body to provide a very high level of clamping rigidity and indexing repeatability and precision. The new AddInternalCut supports the four-edged insert in three positions with each of the cutting edges protected by an innovative new pocket design which also allows end-users to use the same insert on a right or left-hand tool body as required.

The new tool is available with a steel or carbide tool body with a necked relief of 24 or 30mm to provide sufficient clearance and swarf evacuation. The round tool shanks also have 12mm flats to correspond with everything from sliding head turning centres through to larger more robust lathes. The through-coolant tool bodies are optimally manufactured to reduce vibration and chatter with an overall tool length of 100 or 125mm and an insert seat size of 10.

To ensure the new AddInternalCut appeals to the widest possible audience, Tungaloy has developed the range with its CWN and CWX insert designations. The CWN is 1.5mm wide with the heavier duty CWX being 2.5mm wide. Depending upon the chosen insert geometry, the tool provides a protrusion for cutting at depths up to 2mm. Both insert geometries are available in Tungaloy’s AH725 insert grade that is PVD coated.

This makes the new AddInternalCut the first choice for cutting a wide variety of steels, stainless steels and challenging aluminium alloys such as titanium. The geometry of the inserts guarantees a sharp cutting edge for maximum precision while the ground-to-form chipbreaker enhances groove precision while operating in tandem with the through-coolant facility to evacuate the swarf.

Perfect for cutting inside holes from as small as 10.5mm diameter and upward, the AddInternalCut is available with right and left-hand toolholders. Not only is it a flexible system, but its highly rigid clamping design also maximises rigidity and clamping forces to extend tool life, precision and repeatability.