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XYZ Proturn 410 LX3 ProtoTRAK Gap Bed Centre Lathe ProtoTRAK LX2 CNC Control Maximum Distance Betw...
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Atlas Copco launches next-generation fixed-speed air compressors

Posted on 08 Feb 2023. Edited by: John Hunter. Read 1352 times.
Atlas Copco launches next-generation fixed-speed air compressorsSweden-based Atlas Copco is one of the industry leaders in smart compressors that are helping manufacturers to make the transition to smart factories. Its new generation of GA+ (55-75kW) now brings a new level of intelligent performance to the mid-size, fixed-speed industrial compressor market, ‘setting a new standard in energy savings, reliability and connectivity’. Meanwhile for customers who want a more ‘no-frills’ solution, Atlas Copco is introducing a new and improved GA 55-90.

The new GA+ and GA are both ‘best-in-class’ mid-size industrial compressors that deliver more air at a lower energy cost than the compressors they replace. Both come with a new compression element, an IE4-efficiency motor, over-sized coolers, and an innovative hybrid bearing that extends the lifetime of the drivetrain by 33%. A wide range of options allows customers to tailor their unit to their applications and requirements.

Both models feature the advanced Elektronikon Nano Touch controller, which is Smartlink-enabled as standard, meaning that customers benefit from a host of remote monitoring and system optimisation features. The latest smart solutions offer a new and improved, quality-without-extras, GA 55-90kW range while at the same time, the new GA+ models deliver premium, fixed-speed performance to provide more air, greater energy savings, and advanced connectivity — plus extra-long service intervals of 8,000hr.

What really sets this new generation of GA+ 55-75kW compressors apart is their new suite of innovative intelligent features, including a smart Temperature Control System that calculates the ideal oil-injection temperature, based on actual operating conditions, to maximise efficiency.

Also featured is a Smart Unload algorithm. Traditional fixed-speed compressors will run in unload for a long, pre-set time before switching off. In the GA+ models, the Elektronikon controller will track the pressure in real-time and calculate the ideal time to unload. Less time in unload means significant energy savings.

Intelligent sensors will also constantly monitor the pressure drop and any energy losses in the inlet filter, oil separator, and oil filter. Finally, a smart no-loss water drain ensures automatic removal of condensate, auto-cleaning, and the detection of any potential disposal issues. By incorporating OPC UA — the machine-to-machine communication protocol — the new range allows customers to integrate their compressor seamlessly into their production network.

Furthermore, these new features allow the GA 55+-75+ to improve its Free Air Delivery by 3.9% and its Specific Energy Requirement by 2.3%, outperforming its previous generation and its current competitors. Within its segment, the GA 55-90 records equally impressive numbers, with a Free Air Delivery and Specific Energy Requirement improvement of 4.0% and 2.5% respectively.

Announcing the new range, Ben John, business line manager, Industrial Air at Atlas Copco UK, concluded: “The new GA and GA+ smart compressors help us to achieve our aim to transform the future of industry for a connected and sustainable world. These new models set a new standard in energy efficiency, reliability and smart performance, giving our customers the peace of mind of having a ‘best-in-class’ solution that significantly reduces their environmental impact and helps transition into smart, connected production processes.”