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COLCHESTER STUDENT 2500 13` X 40` GAP BED CENTRE LATHE 1 5/8` Spindle Bore : 12 Speeds 40 - 2500 rpm
COLCHESTER STUDENT 2500 13` X 40` GAP BED CENTRE LATHE 1 5/8` Spindle Bore : 12 Speeds 40 - 2500 rpm...
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Energy-saving large-scale microfiltration of cooling lubricants

Posted on 31 Aug 2023. Edited by: John Hunter. Read 1263 times.
Energy-saving large-scale microfiltration of cooling lubricantsExtremely clean grinding oils are essential for economical, process-reliable and high-quality tool grinding. To this end, Germany-based Vomat offers not only individual compact filtration plants in the form of the FA series but also very flexible central filtration plants (ZFA) to which several grinding machines can be connected. The great advantage of these systems is that they consist of separate modules that can be flexibly combined with each other.

Depending on the requirements of the particular system, Vomat provides the necessary components. If production requirements or capacities change, the system can be expanded with appropriate planning. In this way, maximum performance is achieved in various phases of production and company development, always perfectly adapted to the individual needs of the user.

Vomat is a renowned specialist for the ultrafine filtration of cooling lubricants in the metalworking industry. The wide product range includes solutions for single and central plants as well as customised special configurations with central and decentralised functions.

Steffen Strobel, sales manager at Vomat, said: “Our central systems are optimal for the filtration of fine particles from oil, such as those produced during grinding, honing, lapping, eroding and other processes. In contrast to problematic bypass processes, our machines operate with precise, on-demand full-flow filtration using the backflush method. The automatic cycle is based on the amount of dirt. This means that dirty and clean oil are separated 100%. Thanks to our innovative backwashable high-performance precoat filters, costly filter aids are also unnecessary.”

Vomat ZFA central filter systems consist of separate modules — their advantage is their combinability. The modules are assembled according to the customer’s system requirements. The basic model for Vomat central filter systems is the ZFA 1200, which has compact dimensions of 1,200 x 1,200 x 2,200mm and the filter fineness is 3-5µm. Mr Strobel continued: “Due to the special design features, clean oil in quality class NAS 7 is also available during backwashing.”

The PLC-controlled cooling unit is designed according to the requirements of the production process. The control accuracy is up to +/-0.2k. Heat is dissipated via an external condenser — optionally, Vomat also offers the possibility of cold water operation. Vomat supplies energy-optimised machine supply pumps according to the performance of the machines. The customised system configuration ensures that the disposal volume is minimised and the drag-out loss is kept to a minimum. The disposal of recyclable materials takes place fully automatically via a sedimentator directly into the transport containers of recycling companies.

The central control takes over the linking of the modules and the control of external components such as machine supply pumps. In addition, the remote maintenance function via remote control enables remote monitoring and maintenance.

Mr Strobel concluded: “Vomat offers central large filter systems that are individually adapted to the respective production and can be scaled up in steps of 1,200 litres. The diverse selection of modules and optional features allows maximum flexibility. Thanks to our new-generation ultra-fine filtration systems, cooling lubricants with a high degree of purification can remain in the system significantly longer than with conventional filter systems.

“This also increases the service life of the grinding wheels. Overall, maintenance and energy requirements are significantly reduced, and shortened machine downtimes further minimise production costs. The bottom line is resource-saving and profitable coolant filtration.”