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New Clarke Devil 2800PTC-B ceramic fan heater

Posted on 06 Nov 2023 and read 895 times
New Clarke Devil 2800PTC-B ceramic fan heaterMachine Mart has introduced the new Clarke Devil 2800PTC-B ceramic fan heater to its line-up. It is a compact, tough and robust heater with a large variable heat output and features a composite aluminium and ceramic PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) heater element which means rapid heating of the element and self-regulating temperature where the heating power is controlled by the air follow and uniform heating with minimal power variation. Machine Mart says it is suitable for use as a secondary heat source in a well-insulated environment and costs £59.98 including VAT.

With its minimal warm up time, the Devil 2800PTC-B ceramic heater is an easy and convenient way to quickly warm rooms. The variable heat output and two heat settings means a constant, comfortable room temperature can be easily maintained. Key features include: operating voltage 230V 50Hz, single phase; super compact yet big heat output; fan only mode & 2x heat settings; variable heat output up to 2.8kW; thermostat temperature control; thermal cut out device for safety; and it is encased in a steel body.