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UK-built helical gearboxes deliver exceptional performance

Posted on 12 Nov 2023. Edited by: John Hunter. Read 982 times.
UK-built helical gearboxes deliver exceptional performanceStaffordshire-based gearbox specialist Apex Dynamics UK has launched a new range of helical gearboxes and geared motor combinations which are designed to meet the needs of many different industrial sectors and applications, and offer a large power and torque range (0.09-200kW/85-50,000Nm).

The G-series meets the European market standard footprint, enabling common design interchangeability. Meanwhile, the compact design of the reduction transmission devices saves space. Each product also delivers low noise, stable operation, long service life, and lower maintenance and repair costs. This is the result of the gears within the G-series giving a vertical output, large transmission torque on hard tooth surface, and high precision.

With a high load capacity, reliability, broad power range and finely graded transmission ratios, G-series products are ideally suited to the metallurgy, mining, lifting, transportation, cement, construction, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, and pharmaceutical fields in particular.

The G-series range comprises four different variants of helical gearboxes, including right angle and inline options, in order to meet different application requirements. Customers can choose from the GR-series coaxial helical gearbox, GF-series parallel shaft helical gearbox, GS-series helical worm gearbox, and GK-series helical bevel gearbox. Developed to be used with an array of different types of motors, combined into mechatronics and connected in a range of installation positions to suit customer needs, the G-series features a choice of brake, encoder and force vent varieties, and base, flange or torque arm-mounting options.

Five-year warranty

Each of the G-series products has a high-quality, cast-iron housing, coupled with hardened and ground gearing, for accurate and smooth operation. Furthermore, as with all of the company’s products, they come complete with Apex Dynamics UK’s market-leading five-year warranty and two-three week lead times. Helical gearboxes are a novel transmission device used to optimise the modular combination system. Ideal for high load applications, helical gearboxes are highly durable high-performance gear reducers widely used in many industries. They consist of a set of cylindrical gears with slanted tooth tracks, providing higher contact levels, reduced vibration and low noise.

Apex Dynamics UK managing director Mike Gulliford said: “We are very proud of the G-series of helical gearboxes, which represents a significant expansion of our portfolio of products. Each gearbox or geared motor combination delivers impressively high performance, with average efficiency of 94%, long service life, accuracy and smooth operation. They can be adapted to an incredibly wide range of applications and scenarios across numerous industries and the impressive load capacity makes them ideally suited to high load applications.

“Our commitment to R&D, innovation and ensuring we provide our customers with the very best products for their needs enables us to keep growing our range. Apex Dynamics UK’s expert team of engineers and motion control specialists are on hand to help customers find the right product for their specific requirements.”