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EVO DuoBend offers more efficient folding with two folding beams

Posted on 15 Nov 2023 and read 1285 times
EVO DuoBend offers more efficient folding with two folding beamsThe Schröder Group last week unveiled the EVO DuoBend, a new folding machine for up to 5mm thick sheets that has a new innovation in the form of two independently operating folding beams which opens up completely new possibilities for manufacturing large-format products with opposing bends. In special applications, the simplified handling results in enormous time savings and increased efficiency. For example, large trapezoidal sheets can be produced with two folding beams in 10% of the time required with a single up-and-down folding beam.

Large-format sheet metal products with opposing bends, such as those used in container construction, for wind turbines or in special machine construction, are still often manufactured on press brakes that require a high level of labour-intensive work. The folding beam of a folding machine with up-and-down function bends the product upward and downward with the swiveling folding beam. These machines have the advantage that sheets, once gauged, do not have to be turned, so that production can be handled by one machine operator alone.

With the innovative EVO DuoBend, Schröder extends this principle — the folding of a negative bend is performed by the top folding beam and the folding of a positive bend is performed by the bottom folding beam. This eliminates the need to bypass product sides that have already been bent, which means that there are no longer any restrictions due to the maximum bypass radius of less than 200mm. The prime example of such workpieces is a customised trapezoidal sheet.

The EVO DuoBend is available in the working length 4,040 and 3,200mm. As standard, this machine is equipped with a fully automatic tool changer (ATC) on the clamping beam, which can be equipped with up to 500mm high tools. The machine is programmed with Schröder's own POS 3000 control system, which is already being used successfully on other Schröder folding machines. It calculates the bending program, sets up the tool and produces the desired part.

The EVO DuoBend offers the flexibility to be used for large production series with high repeatability or for small series and complex parts.